Patrons Who Let Me Write

It’s an old myth that the best art is made by the starving artist. It’s amazing how awful and how little I can write when I’m hungry or going out of my mind over money troubles. But I gots to write. Even when it’s just reviews or fangasming over the latest sci-fi show.  And your help allows me to do that.

I don’t have a Patreon page – yet. But I do have a PayPal donation link:

Every little bit that goes in there is spent on rent, food, soap, laundry and books. I need all of that to write and I don’t have any other income. I deeply appreciate every little bit you can help out with and every cent is proof. PROOF! That I write something you want to read. I can’t adequately express how powerful a thought that is.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart:


Beautiful Baley – Who generously donated 50$ this May, 2017. My Twitter would be an empty, barren and unsexy place without you in it. ❤

Kiry, who donated 40$ to my PayPal, November 9, 2015

Drifting, who has read every piece of garbage I’ve put on a page since 2012(?)

Arkayde, who has supported my writing when no one, not my family, not friends of old, ever did. It’s all on you, baby!

Robin, who gifted me a set of bamboo hooks on this day, November 9, 2015 (and I’m still squeeing because omg gorgeous hooks!)

Bridget, who on Dec. 30, 2015 donated 10$ to keep a lowly writer in coffee this month!!