What’s a me?

I was born in South-Africa during the apartheid regime to Danish parents. I’ve lived in Denmark, Austria, US and Canada. I’ve traveled most of Europe and Rome is my favorite city of all.

Now I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba where I roll around like a dog with an old bone with all things sci-fi, horror or fantasy.

I’ve been a gamer since, well longer than you may think let’s just leave it at that.

I have strong views on equality and human dignity, on the rights of women, POC, LGBT. So y’know, people!

Also coffee! My strong views on coffee is I need more of it!

I’m good with one kind of bathroom instead of two. I mostly prefer men. Well, one man. Big strapping Canadian fellah who pretends like getting cats was his idea all along! Love him to death.

I think BioWare is the best thing to ever happen to games and their future and I was just fine with the original ME3 ending.

I think Joss Whedon is one of the world’s best storytellers. And no, he doesn’t murder all his characters or hate women. Where do these silly ideas come from? Fake News omg.

Speaking of fictional characters dying. If there’s no risk to a character why would I give a damn about it? GRRM is also a favorite.

That should more or less clue you in. If that isn’t enough come hang out on Twitter. I have no filters!

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