Dragon Age – Knight Errant Gives A Much Needed Thedas Fix

May 10 saw the release of Dragon Age: Knight Errant, the latest in tales from Thedas, BioWare’s blockbuster RPG world. This time, it comes to us in comic form and published by Dark Horse and if there was any doubt as to where the story takes its beginning the Lyrium-statued Meredith on the cover should point fans in the right direction.

Follow as accomplished elven burglar and Knight-in-training Vaea travels to Kirkwall with her befuddled mentor Ser Hawthorne, just in time to celebrate the hard luck city’s newest and by far most charming viscount, Varric Tethras. And what’s a girl to do when her boss is deep in his cups? Why not take on an easy job in the grim city? A quick pop in and out of the now defunct and empty Gallows for a bit of treasure, nobody but her employer is looking for and back in time for dessert! But it’s always tempting to alter the deal when you have the goods in hand…

Knight Errant issue 01 cover by Sachin Teng

Knight Errant is written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, and illustrated by Fernando Heinz Furukawa, Cover art, like the one above, will be by Sachin Teng who also did cover art for Dark Horse’s last Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Magekiller.

I finally got my hands on a copy and I’m already hooked with an elven knight-in-spe who also happens to be a thief on the side. Doesn’t make things any worse that she seems to be cute and a little sassy too.

Dragon Age: Knight Errant issue 01 – Vaea

Also Varric’s chest is front and center in the first issue so you know they’re writing this story for us, the classiest of Dragon Age fans. /hearteyes beinmybunk.

Hawthorne, Vaea’s Knight mentor and presumably teacher in the knightly ways of fetch my beer and saddle my horse, which is the lot of squires through the ages, also appears to be an amusing liar and tale-teller who feeds himself at the table of nobles by entertaining them with his, mostly made-up heroics. I like him already. And unsurprisingly he turns out to be an old crony of Varric’s.


Dragon Age: Knight Errant issue 1, page 04.

It also works for me that the story, despite its location, has a bit of a light, comedic tone to it. I’m getting too old for angst, Anders. Sorry old pal.

The next issue of Knight Errant should drop on June 14 so you just have enough time to fire up a Dragon Age 2 playthrough and have a date with Fenris and a wall before then. You know, just to brush up on the events around Meredith’s #sad demise.

There’s an exclusive preview on CBR.com if you want to take a deeper look before committing to the series, but I gotta say, I have a good feeling about this one.

Buy Dragon Age: Knight Errant from here Dark Horse!



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