Signal Boost: Early Media Reviews On MEA Not Helpful


Youtuber Ethos says to avoid gaming media reviews and first impression articles of Mass Effect Andromeda because their info is based on too small a sample of the game.

Hoping to signal boost this video. It makes an important point in regards to large, sprawling RPGs and how their media embargos affect public opinion and expectations. This is neither a blank check approval of the game nor is it another hate-post. It is the informed opinion of someone who has played the majority of the game already, rather than a couple of hours off the start.

The media embargos from gaming companies and the simple logistics of how much time any given reviewer has with a game before they have to meet their deadline, cannot help but negatively affect how informed any early review of a game can be. Ethos argues that we, as buyers, are much better served ignoring first impression posts and day 1 reviews altogether, as their ability to align with our own opinion are at best a crap shoot. And at worst? I was able to play No Man’s Sky during my year long online hiatus. The original version before the DLCs. And I loved it. It wasn’t until months later that I realized there’d been a controversy at all. How many games, movies and books have you avoided or stopped trying to experience even though you were initially interested? All because of media blow-back or a hate frenzy? How many of those were actually a dodged bullit? Do you know?

I read product reviews when they are available for anything else I am thinking of purchasing online. With a healthy dose of salt of course and an eye for fake reviews but I guarantee you I’m not choosing to buy or not buy a product based off a review that’s only experiences less than 10% of the thing! So why would I want to do that for a game I’d be spending 100+ hours with and dropping 90$ on?

I put my trust in friends, in bloggers or youtubers whose opinions I’ve come to trust in because they’ve earned that trust and because I’ve learned what their preferences are so I know where we align and where we don’t.  And even more importantly they aren’t sharing their opinion because they have to produce content and clicks.


Thanks to @SSV_Simon for the initial video link


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